Hello, it’s a short post today because I doubt any of us has a lot of spare time for reading and writing. I’ve turned down all Christmas blogging jollies this year because we have so much going on here – there are two more busy weeks of work lunches and dinners ahead before it all starts to quieten down a bit and become more family and friend focused. So, I’m doing my best to snap outfits as we go along and here’s a bit of everyday ‘what I’ve been wearing’ from last week.

What I’ve been wearing – a Saturday lunch

This is from the weekend before last when Mr MC and I popped out for lunch before the Winter Ball that we went to. It’s something we doing quite often now that the boys tend to be out at the weekends, either working or meeting friends and girlfriends; it’s been an adjustment but we’re starting to enjoy it. The day was damp but not cold so I was wearing my favourite blazer and using the cosy red and pink scarf to ward off the wind.

What I've been wearing - Midlifechic

Blazer; jumper50% off; scarf 40% off (all gifted AW19); And/Or jeans (gifted SS18); Hush boots (AW18)

What I’ve been wearing – Sunday comfort outfit

This is from the morning after the Ball, I opted for bright colours to try to convince myself that I wasn’t feeling as weary as I actually did. It was a day spent mostly on the sofa, hiding behind the newspapers.

What I've been wearing, jeans for women over 40

Jumper (in the sale) and boots (gifted AW19); And/Or jeans (gifted SS18)

What I’ve been wearing – Working Wednesday

As you know we had to go to Burnley last Wednesday to attend a business dinner to celebrate Lancashire Day. Mr MC’s presidential patch spans north Lancashire and south Cumbria so he was on duty and we headed there straight from a morning meeting. I’ve been wearing my winter browns, greys and blacks for work a lot recently. It must have something to do with being based so rurally and picking up on the landscape – my version of camouflage.

work outfits for women over 40

Hush coat (AW18); cashmere jumper; lace trimmed slip skirt (gifted AW19); Boden boots (ancient)

What I’ve been wearing – Lancashire Day Dinner

This is what I wore for the dinner and it felt fabulous amongst a sea of black business dresses. I absolutely love this colour and I felt as though I struck the right balance for a ‘smart casual’ dress code. It wasn’t the most exciting evening. Mr MC had neglected to tell me that dinner was to be followed by an hour-long business panel debate (starting at 10pm!) and then a networking session so I was very glad we’d booked a room at the hotel for the night. And in case you’re wondering – no he didn’t wear his medallion but there are still more events to go so I’m keeping the box handy!

What I've been wearing - Midlifechic

Satin dress (gifted AW19); Boden sequin shoes (2013); Pewter clutch bag (Midlifechic Boutique); short pearl necklace (gifted SS18); long pearl necklace

What I’ve been wearing – another work day

And this was the following morning. We were up early and straight off to another meeting so it was browns and greys again.

What I've been wearing - winter work outfit wide leg crops

Hush coat (AW18); cashmere jumper (gifted AW19); Finery culottes (AW16); Finery boots (AW18)

What I’ve been wearing – a girls’ night out

I had a quick turnaround after work that day because I was going out with my friends from the village. It was the only date that we could all manage in the run up to Christmas so this was my first official Christmas meal out. Nobody was quite in a festive mood though so it was more of a relaxed chat than a girls’ night but it was good to catch up.

What I've been wearing

Jacket (gifted AW19); Mango blouse (2014); Velvet jeans (currently in the sale); Boots (gifted AW19)

And I didn’t do a very good job of taking photos at the weekend because it was so busy. Christmas launched a week earlier than we expected in the village with the big tree going up. Because it’s opposite our house, we always feel it’s our duty to get our lights up and dress the windows at the same time – so Saturday was a mad scramble.

What I’ve been wearing – dance night Sunday

On Sunday, Craig Charles (of Red Dwarf and Radio Two fame) came to switch the Christmas lights on around Morecambe Bay. He’d offered to run one of his funk and soul nights at The Winter Gardens in Morecambe which, as some of you may know, is an iconic old building in a state of disrepair. The community is constantly trying to raise funds to save it so this was an irresistible opportunity to open it up and hold an event.

Mr MC is a Craig Charles fan and so as a business we offered to underwrite the ticket sales so that the evening could run at no risk and thankfully it sold out. The only snag was that it was -5°C outside and there was no heating – it was a bit like being at the Ice Hotel.

I don’t have a photograph of my Michelin man look but as soon as we arrived, we headed straight for the dance floor and the warm-up act, leaving everybody else at the bar. Before too long I was stripping off layers but there was nowhere to put them. So I’ll leave you with a picture of Mr MC operating as my dancing coatstand, rocking my leopard coat.

What I've been wearing - Mr MC

By the time Craig Charles arrived to do his set the dancefloor was heaving. It ended up being a very late Sunday night and so I’m writing this post on Monday morning because it’s the least taxing thing on my list. At least I can look as though I’m working even though all I’m really doing is chatting to you. And apologies if it’s all a bit lacklustre but lustre is exactly what I’m lacking. However I’ll be back in the land of the living by Friday. In the meantime have a great week – don’t you just love this time of the year?

Disclosure: ‘What I’ve been wearing – for work, rest and play’ is not a sponsored post

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