Relaxed Christmas party outfit ideas. If you’re anything like me, you may have one or two dressy events lined up but the rest of your Christmas will be a more relaxed affair. I think some of the best times are the spontaneous ones when someone calls and asks if you fancy popping over for a drink… which inevitably turns into three or four. So today I’m bringing you outfit ideas for when this happens. Looks that say you’ve made an effort but haven’t tried too hard.

Relaxed Christmas Party Outfit Ideas: trousers

I always feel most relaxed in trousers or jeans so I’m going to base the outfits around them. As we all know, it’s tricky in a season when we’re moving on from skinnies so I’ve included different cuts. I’m sticking with black as a base, here are some options.

Relaxed Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Subtle glitter denim trousers; I’ve started with a looser cut first. These say that they are denim but with sparkle. I need to investigate them further so I’ve ordered them. They have a subtle frill at the waist which means they would look good with tops tucked in but it doesn’t appear to be so bulky that it would give you a bulging waistline.

Velvet skinnies; I’ve mentioned these before and you’ll see me wearing them later on in the post. They were my Christmas staple last year but if you would like to move on to something looser, the velour joggers are an option.

Sequin trousers; these are great – they have an on trend cropped cut and an elasticated waist! Wear these and all you need is a simple top, the trousers will do the talking for you.

Coated jeans; I have been contacted endlessly for recommendations for coated jeans. As you know I have retired mine but I’ve found a whole page of coated jeans here for anyone who is hunting for them.

Coated leggings; these are the most highly recommended leggings and they come in a variety of colours

So, hopefully you have your bottom half sorted. Of course you could just wear black (or blue) jeans with these outfits. After trying lots of different pairs, I finally had a hallelujah moment when I found some good blue jeans which I’ll tell you about further down. So now I’m hunting for some black ones.

Relaxed Christmas Party Outfit Ideas: Jackets

Let’s move on to jackets. I have been searching for a tuxedo style jacket for the last four winters because in my view it is an all year round shortcut to chic. This year my cup is running over because there are so many options.

Relaxed Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Shawl collar tux; I ordered this weeks ago and have had quite a few problems with the delivery so I just can’t tell you how it looks on. If it ever arrives I will share it with you.

Classic tux; you saw me wearing this in Marrakech. It is a beautifully tailored classic tux that will never date. If, like me, you have any kind of hourglass figure this will work for you because it nips in at the right place on the waist. Go up a size though, it runs small.

Velvet tux; bang on trend this year which means it will be over in a couple of seasons but it is not horrendously expensive. I ordered this and as is so often the case, sizing is a bit tricky. I followed the size guide and went for a large which is slightly bigger than I would like but I tried the medium in store and it was too small. In the end, it just didn’t do me any favours. If you have narrow shoulders or you are a column or apple shape, this will be your friend. Sadly because of my broad shoulders I just looked like a well dressed bouncer.

Velvet kimono style jacket; if the tuxedo style feels too masculine for you this is a softer option with a kimono wrap belt. Elegant and easy to throw on over trousers, jeans or a dress.

Relaxed Christmas Party Outfit Ideas: tops

Moving on to the hero of relaxed Christmas dressing – the snazzy top. But first let’s just catch up on colour trends for Christmas. Because the usual Christmas colours of red and green have been so popular this autumn, it means that they are nowhere to be found for the festive season. Plus the ‘space trend’ that has been dominating the designer catwalks has trickled down to the high street.

What’s the space trend all about? It’s a reaction to the fact that earth has been an unsettled and rather uncomfortable place to be for the last couple of years so designers are looking outward for inspiration. You have already seen it reflected in the craze for star motifs and now it is evident in the metallics that are absolutely everywhere. It’s quite nice for Christmas though, everything is sparkling.

Relaxed Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Gold sequin velvet top; I love this but stock is low everywhere I have looked so I’ve ordered it in a size 10 and will update this when it arrives.

Black sequin jumper; I am now hanging my head in shame because I’ve ordered this to try too. This is the trouble when you spend a whole week researching and writing Christmas posts – you go a bit mad. It looks as though it will be quite warm so I’m thinking that it might be my Christmas jumper for outdoor events such as light switch ons… and village carol singing… and chopping down the Christmas tree… I know it’s black and I usually avoid black but in theory the sequins should bounce light onto your face.

Sequinned tulle blouse; I have held myself back here and I haven’t ordered this one but it’s a good choice for anyone with cooler skin tones.

Gold spotted top; if you liked the dress that I showed you on Wednesday, here it is in a top. Pretty isn’t it?

Gold high neck blouse; I keep thinking that this would be very versatile – you could tuck it into looser trousers or a midi skirt or wear it loose over tighter jeans because it has a flattering curved hem. You can tie or untie the neck. It’s a winner.

I’ve found some colour but again it is space / sky related because it is mostly blue.

Relaxed Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Blue sequin top; lovely this one, if I didn’t already have the blue lace top below I would make a beeline for it.

Purple grey velvet top; also available in midnight blue I wore the midnight blue a lot last Christmas and I will again this year. It’s beautifully cut and the Bardot neckline stays put. It’s warm if you are going from restaurant to bar and it’s washable. Lovely in either colour.

Cobalt lace top; you saw me wearing this in Marrakech. It is quite a tight cut across the bust so if you are generously endowed, you will need to size up.

Green velvet body; I found a Christmas colour! Have you noticed that bodies are back? I was in Topshop on Monday and I overheard two teenage girls discussing them loudly…

“look at these tops Lucy they’ve got built in knickers. Topshop are such geniuses aren’t they? You’d think someone would have thought of this before.” I looked around hoping to lock eyes with someone else who was alive in the 90s but to no avail – so I saved the moment to share with you!

Relaxed Christmas Party Outfit Ideas: shoes

So, we’re wearing muted party trousers, a sober jacket, a jazzy top and we need …sparkly shoes. If ever there was a Cinderella Christmas it’s this one. I don’t like spending a lot of money on party shoes though because I know they will stare at me reproachfully for the rest of the year so I’ve included as many low cost shoes as I can. I’ve tried to make sure they aren’t implements of torture though.

Relaxed Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Gold barely there sandals; yes I’ve already featured these but they have to be the best value ‘barely there’ sandals this season. Available in lots of colours, they say they’re an E fit but I don’t have E width feet and they fit me fine. Perhaps that’s why they’re so comfortable.

Blush velvet Mary Janes; super chic, they would look elegant worn with black trousers and a black jacket.

Statement flats; for anyone who doesn’t wear heels, these are great quality and they would go with just about everything so you could wear them all Christmas.

Velvet heels with gold trim; these make me think of New York women for some reason. Fab with trousers or a dress and timeless too so worth the investment.

Red glitter sandals; oh I love these, they just make me smile. Of course you would have to suffer endless Kansas quips but they would be worth it.

Glitter courts; the classic Cinders shoe, ok it isn’t made of glass but it’s every little girl’s dream.

Glitter heeled ankle strap shoes; these are low key but with just a cheeky flash of gold at the heel. If shoes could wink, this is what they’d do.

Relaxed Christmas Party Outfit Ideas: boots

Sock boots have been surging since they arrived at the beginning of the season. If you haven’t tried them, you’ll be surprised by how comfortable they are because the fabric is so stretchy. The most on trend are the ‘witchy’ kind that really hug the foot and give you a very elongated toe. They tend to have a higher heel though so you may prefer to take the kitten heel route. I’ve included both kinds here for you to peruse.

Relaxed Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Black sock boots; so I’m starting with a lower heel with a comfortable lining. Great if you will be standing chatting all evening holding a drink.

Red sock boots; these are kitten heeled and they have a bit of a witchy toe. They’re available in lots of different colours – the satin finish (rather than the faux suede) is the most on trend.

Purple block heel boots; I threw these in for anyone who likes a statement boot but prefers not to follow trends too closely. These make an independent statement of their own.

Silver boots; back to the metallic space theme, these are also going to work well on rainy days which is a consideration with the fabric boots.

Blue velvet sock boots; I have these, I love them and so far they have worn really well. They look great with blue jeans, you’ll see me wearing them below.

The easy cheat!

So, there you go. That’s what I call easy party dressing. However you can go one step simpler as I did last week when we went out twice. I made my statement with my accessories, just adding party shoes, bag and jewellery to a simple outfit.

It’s difficult taking photos now that the evenings are so dark but we managed to get these as we were on our way out. It was bitterly cold (my coat was just out of shot) and you can see that I have a red nose to match my top!

relaxed Christmas party outfit ideas

Velvet top; Hush velvet jeans (this year’s version here in limited sizes); Statement shoes; Tricolor suede and leather clutch

Why am I laughing? Because Mr MC, in true Geordie style, had come out in just a t shirt and was trying to tough it out even though I could see him shivering – the photos are blurred!


I got this fabulous velvet top from House of Fraser a few weeks ago. Since my clearout I’ve been trying to focus on adding only things that spark joy. It works really well for daytime…

best jeans 2017

Velvet top; Jeans; Autograph sock boots (past season); Inès de La Fressange at Uniqlo jacket (sold out); Pop of Colour Bag – available to order from MidlifechicBoutique

… but it’s easy to dress up in the evenings too. Along with some of the other members of the Over40Collective, I was invited to choose some jewellery from Eternal Collection recently. Now jewellery is one thing that I choose very carefully. It’s probably because of my preference for plain, simple dressing. I just don’t find it easy to wear a lot of adornment.

This season I’m following the trend for statement earrings and so I chose this maharajah pair. As you know, when wearing statement earrings they tend to look better if you balance them with a simple necklace or, of course, if you’re wearing one of this season’s crew or high necks, no necklace at all. Instead I opted for this lovely matching bracelet which includes all of my favourite winter jewel colours.


Maharajah Bracelet

The best thing about this jewellery? It looks far more expensive than it is.

Relaxed Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Bracelet; clutch

A closer shot of the earrings – as you can see I needed a glass of wine to warm me up – it was practically medicinal.

Nikki Garnett


Here’s another, similarly cold night out. It must be about five years since we’ve had a freezing cold November like this one. I threw on another simple top that also works well for work when I pair it with my pinstriped navy blazer and pull the sleeves back to the top of the lace for dramatic effect.

I’m wearing the jeans that I mentioned earlier. After ordering eight different pairs that ranged all the way from high end Frame denim to Next, this was the only pair that I loved instantly. They are from Gap and I ordered them as an afterthought because Gap jeans have never worked for me in the past. However these fit like a glove and are just the subtle move on from skinnies that I’ve been looking for. I wish they did them in a darker indigo and a proper black. I may be resorting to another Dylon project.

Navy top with statement sleeves; jeans; blue velvet sock boots

This time I’m wearing simpler jewellery. I’ve had the solitaire necklace for a long time but the earrings are from Eternal Collection. They are Swarovski crystal so they really sparkle as you can see below when they caught the light. And yes another glass of wine – I’m just going to keep on blaming the weather.


Earrings;  silver clutch; Navy top with statement sleeves

Here’s a closer shot

The Over40Collective

So, let me show you what the others from the Over40Collective chose from Eternal Collection.

Annette from LadyofStyle opted for this beautiful scarf. I love the way that she can carry off black and always wish I could wear it so well. She makes me think of Snow White. She also chose black earrings which you’ll be able to see in more detail if you visit her blog.

Relaxed Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Liz from WhatLizzyLoves has gone for maximum effect with this stunning necklace and matching earrings. They really stand out against the simple dress that she has paired them with.

Relaxed Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Never knowingly unsparkly, Lisa from TheSequinist has cleverly doubled up on her necklaces here which is something I would never have thought of doing. The dainty earrings are from the same collection.

Relaxed Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

And with that, I come to the end of my blogging marathon. If you’ve pitched up on a Friday thinking this is a normal week, please know that you’ve missed four other posts – I’ve listed them below.

It was an experiment. I thought it might be easier to do five short posts than two long ones. However I have learned that I just do not have the ability to write short posts. I have too much to say! So, for the sake of everyone’s sanity we will go back to bi-weekly posting next week.

Have a lovely weekend, I hope I’ve helped you with your Christmas preparations. The gifts for teens post is coming on Tuesday and next week I will keep you posted on all of the Black Friday offers. They look as though they will start early so have your lists ready!

Disclosure: thank you to Eternal Collection for sponsoring the Over40Collective part of this post. The rest of the ‘Relaxed Christmas Party Outfit Ideas’ post is unsponsored.

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