Ta dah! Welcome to the new look Midlifechic. Mr MC has laboured hard so that it would be ready in time for its second birthday but we know there will be glitches. It  will take until Saturday 13th to flush through fully in the meantime, if you’re reading on Bloglovin please could you view this post directly on my blog here just this once and let me know what you think and also if there are any viewing or technical issues. Lots of people have been celebrating with me and Midlifechic even had a birthday cake with candles.

Midlife love

Hush Nina cardigan; Boden cashmere jumper; Claudia Bradby pearl necklace

Everyone who knows me understands how much I love this blog and they’ve seen me keep on writing throughout a very hectic year so they know it’s here to stay. I’m really excited about moving it on this year, I can’t believe how fast our community is growing. In fact it’s been a week of midlife celebrations because as those of you who follow me on Instagram already know, Mr MC and I have also been making the most of our wedding anniversary.

Unfortunately this year it fell on a work day but I came downstairs to flowers on the breakfast table…

Midlife love

…and a new picture in the hall that my clever husband had designed and printed himself. This was the vow we made to each other on our wedding day and we’ve stuck to it…

Midlifechic wedding vows

It’s a nice little touch that he’s done it in the new Midlifechic font. I gave him this clock which we’ve put by the door so that when we come in we remember to make the most of our ‘precious time.’

Midlife love

Precious time wall clock

I also had a surprise up my sleeve. When we started Project Happier last month you will remember that we worked on planning things to look forward to. The first plan I made was a night away for our anniversary so at 4.45pm I texted Mr MC a postcode and he set off to meet me. This was our destination, halfway between my office and his (I’ve blogged about it before here and strangely this post was the only other time when I’ve worn the Boden lace dress below) – The Punch Bowl Inn at Crosthwaite.


We haven’t done many outfit shots recently so this is me arriving looked weary after a day in the office and a hair raising drive along single track country lanes…

Hope fashion

Hope gold asymmetric jumper; Hope longline foundation top; Super skinny jeans; Autograph suede ankle boots

This was our room…

Midlife love

…we relaxed with a bottle of champagne before dinner which definitely perked me up a bit!

Nikki Garnett

Boden navy lace dress; Whistles shoes – both past season

We ate lovely food and drank lovely wine. It felt like ages since we’d caught up with each other properly, as you know I’ve been having a very stressful time at work recently so it was lovely to offload and then relax. Mr MC has been such a fantastic support to me over the past year and has sacrificed so much of his own time to keeping the home fires burning whilst I have forayed out into my new job. This is what midlife love is all about and it was lovely to be able to treat him to a few special hours away. This was the rosy faced result.

Mal and Nikki Garnett

We had a relaxed breakfast this morning in front of the fire…

Midlife love

…the smiling theme seems to be following us around…

Midlife love

I’m still smiling but slightly regretting the glass of armagnac that rounded the evening off.

Punch Bowl

Hush Nina cardigan (now an absolute bargain in the sale); IDLF merino polo neck; Next relaxed skinny jeans (custom dyed); Autograph suede ankle boots

So, this post segues perfectly into part two of Project Happier which is all about relationships.

Actually I don’t really need to write anything at all because this TED talk that Dottie recommended in the comments a few of weeks ago says it all (thank you Dottie x). Watch this first (if you’re reading on Bloglovin or by the email feed, watch here).

This week’s homework is to think about the people in your inner circle (for me, this is Mr MC and the boys). Make a plan to do something special with each one of your inner circle soon – or if it takes a bit of organisation at least before the end of the year. Try to find something you can do together one on one that you’ll both enjoy. It’s all about building that important relationship with that person by making them feel nurtured and creating memories along the way. Of course because this is a new project I’ll now have to make another plan for Mr MC and me. Hurray!

I have had a few deliveries of new clothes that I haven’t had time to try on so I’ll be opening them on Saturday to show you in the next post. I know some of you are waiting for the next instalment on my work/life balance debate but it’s still all up in the air which is causing me endless frustration. In the meantime I’m off down to London for my rescheduled day with Midlifechic reader Sarah tomorrow to try something new. I’m a bit nervous but will post on Instagram and let you know what I’m doing. Let me know what you think about the new look and enjoy your homework.