Back to back client meetings today and the trouble with this time of year is that it’s not cold enough for a winter coat but everyone still has their office heating turned up to the max. In the 90s a suit would have solved the problem and I keep hearing that they’re coming back but then they never quite do. Anyway the sun’s shining for once so I wanted to wear something bright but it’s a bit too early for pastels and definitely not time to expose legs or feet to the world!

So, a quick post with what I’ve chosen:


Jacket- Jaeger; Jersey polo neck- Great Plains; 7/8 trousers – Banana Republic, Ankle boots – Clarks; Necklace – Accessorize

The clever thing about this jacket is that it looks like an ordinary peplum when worn open as above but – hey presto – when you go outside into the chilly wind you can do the top buttons up and it has a nifty asymmetrical biker effect.


Plus the whole outfit can be flung on at the same time as checking that 3 sets of lunch boxes, sports kits, homework diaries etc have left the building (failed on this one today – have already been back up to school to drop off running shoes, still 1 out of 3 isn’t bad).

Ok, I’m off but I’m wondering if any of you are wearing suits again. Do you think they’re coming back?  I really need to decide whether to get rid of a classic grey flannel Whistles one with cigarette trousers and a plum Jigsaw one with a pencil skirt. They’re beautifully cut and it seems a shame because I bought them just before my last baby and it’s taken me this long to fit back into them (he’s 10 – it’s taken a while)! Let me know what you think.