Boden’s timing was good last week – 20% off just as the sun came out and made me want to think about dresses. Of course there were also some restocks on the 80% clearance that I’d been looking out for and I was only being kind to Johnnie really by offering to add a few to my basket.

Anyway delivery today. Item number 1 – big fail!

Now if I took any notice of my own advice on this blog I would never have ordered the Kensington dress. It quite clearly wasn’t going to suit my “swimmer’s” shoulders (no I don’t swim much – they’re just naturally broad). It has a high round neck and the sleeves cut off just at the unflattering part of my arm. However if you’re a pear or a rectangle – you’re probably going to look fab in it. The quality is beautiful – better even than Boden’s norm, although it does have some very unfortunate sticky out tucks above the bust which made my middle son (age 12 – you know the stage) roll about on the floor laughing. Anyway here’s a pic to show you my Russian shotputter chic:


Just to illustrate what a difference a neckline can make compare it with this 2 year old Boden Audrey dress which is a bit big now but just looks better.


So I’m now on the 12 week wait for this year’s Audrey in both green and navy. I just find them so good for meetings in the summer – thanks to the neckline you don’t even need to think about a necklace. With both dresses I’m wearing the black sixties slingbacks – who didn’t buy a pair in the sale!

The other summery thing I bought were the chino shorts £39 in lipstick – I can’t believe that the shorts have nearly sold out – in February! I really wanted the Bistro shorts but they’d all gone – I think the weather must have sent everybody over the edge, either that or the whole of the UK’s going somewhere exotic for Easter. Not us. My legs are so white that I’m not going to inflict a photo of the chino shorts on you. Suffice to say I ordered the short ones, had a panic that I’m too old for them at 46, reminded myself that I’ll never be as young as I am now again and kept them. (Does that make any sense to anyone other than me?)! Here’s a pic of the gorgeous Boden model instead.

Boden shorts

So – onto the sale pieces. Shoes. Again. First of all I was really pleased with these navy pointed ballet flats £28.80 from Johnny B.


They’re just as good quality as the women’s shoes although they don’t have a leather sole which isn’t a bad thing – I’m always slipping about because we have so many stone paths and cobbles around here. There are plenty left on the clearance site if you’re quick, also some with gold sequins!

And last of all – really can’t decide on these – pointed ankle boots in pewter. £64.50. I don’t know why I like the, maybe because they have something of an Honor Blackman vibe about them. They’re not what I’d usually wear and of course they’d be hopeless on the cobbles but maybe for work trips down to London… Don’t know. Just to remind you, here’s the Boden shot – I couldn’t get the colour right on mine.

Boden boots

Anyway besides the Boden delivery we had the excitement of hearing that our smallest has been awarded a place at the local grammar school after passing the 11 plus. He was over the moon and so were we although it does sentence us to another 7 years of muddy rugby kit and difficult homework! Finishing off with what I wore on Sunday and good old Boden makes another appearance:


Shirt: £45 Betty Barclay (I know it’s an old brand but I really like the 15cm deep cuffs); cashmere cardigan £99: Boden (Winter 13/14); Relaxed skinny jeans: £26 Next (really recommend these); pointed ballet flats: Johnnie B, razor shell silver necklace from a little shop in Pembrokeshire – wish I could remember its name.

Just received 20% off from The White Company so off to have a look at their site. Anyone else think their clothes have gone a bit loose and droopy recently?