I know I’m late posting this week but I wanted to do a Finery London review as soon as my delivery arrived. If you’ve missed the excitement, Finery launched on Thursday and currently ships to the UK, Canada and the US. They describe their range as “design that’s contemporary but forever, beautiful but accessible, for women who love clothes as much as we do“. I also like the fact that they say “I think we understand that women don’t shop by age, it’s more about their personality.” It’s good to know we’re off to a good start with a new brand that isn’t just chasing the 30-something £$.

Looking through the website, the tops appealed to me as being the most accessible place to start. I wanted to place an order that I would be able to judge easily and although I love this Eaton Prom Dress, it would be a step too far for The Lake District in February!

finery london review

I did sigh quietly when I saw that a lot of the pieces are designed for column figures – as you know I’m always on the lookout for styles with waist definition. However, the pricepoints are good and a couple of items instantly grabbed me so, enough words, let’s see the clothes. First up the Penrose jumper as styled by Finery:

finery london review

as tried by me:

Finery London review Finery London review

Now when I opened the package this wasn’t at all what I was expecting. Finery have featured it in their knitwear section rather than tops and yet it is made of the most unusual fabric which is 73% viscose and 27% nylon. Bear with me when I say that if Le Corbusier had designed a top it would be this one. The cut, the fabric and the raw unfinished hems are initially shocking and I almost packed it away without trying it. However, when you put it on it looks striking in a very pared down, minimal way. It’s quite simply an architectural piece of clothing – the fabric feels retro in a ‘synthetic 70s’ kind of way and yet it’s futuristic at the same time. (I know, I know – you can hear my Selfridges editor days popping out). It will probably need a camisole underneath – the camera shows it to be a little translucent.

The second item that I added to my basket, the Harling Breton, was a no brainer because it reminded me of the black striped top that I bought from Whistles last year and which I rely on for a bistro kind of look. Here’s the Finery image:

finery london review

and here it is on me.

Finery London review Finery London review

It’s very accessible. Again it shouldn’t be in knitwear because it’s a viscose nylon ottoman mix which has the feel of jersey and reminds me of Cornishware because it has that horizontal ribbed effect:


(I have now just been distracted and ordered a set of these mugs in this gorgeous new grey colourway whilst looking for a reference to show you – what a strange post this is turning out to be).

I like the Harling, it’s structural, flattering, easy to wear and it has an iconic feel about it. Note that it isn’t cropped but it’s quite short which makes it look fresh. As hemlines are on their way down, waistlines are on their way up. I’m obviously not alone in loving this because it sold out on day one – you’ll need to stalk the site for returns next week if you want one.

The last piece I’m going to show you is the Ashwin Boat Neck Jersey Top, what a beautiful shot this is:

finery london review

Sadly it doesn’t look quite the same on me although it does have a flattering neckline whatever your age, it’s cut at exactly the right point on the clavicles:

Finery London review Finery London review

It’s the sort of top that you see Cate Blanchett or Kristen Scott-Thomas wearing in an insouciant manner. A word of warning though, it needs ruching at the waist otherwise it clings to the part of the midriff that any women who has ever been pregnant likes to disguise. Don’t be put off by that though because ruching it is probably the best way to wear it anyway, just loosely tucked into the top of your jeans with the rest left to drape casually. In the grey it has a beautiful sheen that catches the light and makes it look very expensive which at £25 it isn’t.

The one thing that I am not going to show you on me is this pair of pink trousers:

finery london review

I popped them in my basket because they seemed so reasonable at £39 and I like high waisted trousers. Sadly though they instantly reminded me of the sort of crimpolene specials that my friend’s mum Doreen used to wear in the 70s. Doreen was always slightly depressed and used to continually light her next cigarette from the stub of the last one – I’m afraid they are more throwback than retro in my book. I didn’t even let Mr MC catch a glimpse of them even though I know it would have made his day!

So, there you have it, my first impressions of Finery. If you need more context they’re a little bit Whistles, a little bit Cos but really they’re carving a new space of their own which I think is really exciting. Their clothes make you look at yourself in a new way. Not all, but most pieces are good for women over 40, in fact in a lot of ways I think we’ll carry them off better than the girls, there’s something a bit Mrs Robinson about them.

I should add that I have no association with Finery, I don’t know them from my Selfridges days and they haven’t paid or gifted me. I just hope they do well because:

  1. they seem to be really thinking hard about the women they’re making the clothes for
  2. they’re trying to make as many pieces as they can in the UK
  3. they quote their style muses as Katherine Hepburn and Tilda Swinton which instantly gives you the gist of the kind of timeless style they want to create

So, now I’m relying on you to be honest and tell me what you think about the tops. I think I’m keeping them all, I’m just a bit unsure about the fabric and unfinished edges of the Penrose top. If you’re ordering, you should be able to get 20% off with this Grazia code: GRAZIAXFINERY.

Thank you so much for all your lovely blog birthday wishes, I’ll reply to you very soon but now I’m going to begin a much needed grooming session in readiness for a rather special night out with Mr MC. It’s our wedding anniversary on Tuesday and so we’re starting the celebrations early with dinner at a restaurant we haven’t been to before. Now, what to wear….