A quick post from me because it’s a school night and I’m helping the boys with their homework which requires more and more concentration these days. However, with one eye I’m perusing the Hush January 2016 sale which started this morning and I thought I’d tip you off with what I think are the best buys.

This wrap shirt is my favourite and I’ve ordered it to replace the Mango one that I wore over Christmas because the cleavage on that one is too low which means I hardly ever wear it

Hush January 2016 sale

Wrap shirt

I had also bookmarked this jumper in grey because it has the most flattering shape I’ve seen for ages but it’s only in the sale in a deep red and I already have a jumper in this colour – if you don’t have one, it’s a timeless investment.

Hush January 2016 sale

Boat neck jumper

I really like the Michelle coat but I think I’m going to play chicken with this one and see if it goes down any further

Hush January 2016 sale

Michelle coat

I have to include the jumpsuit because I’ve worn it endlessly in both colours

Hush January 2016 sale


Ditto the Nina cardigan which just seems to add a great line to jeans, trousers and above the knee skirts

Hush January 2016 sale

Nina cardi

I’m dithering over the lace stitch shawl which looks really sumptuous and has a great reduction

Hush January 2016 sale

Lace stitch stole

That’s it from me – I must get back to the middle one who is using Google translate for his Spanish which means he’ll be generating a load of nonsense. At last my degree in languages comes in useful!

I’m really enjoying dipping into your comments about Project Happier during my lunch break – my colleagues are most definitely not appreciating my new Pollyanna attitude in these bleak early days of January but I’m determined to win them round. So far I’m doing well with the Energise mission, I’ve resisted all of the chocolates that are still on our desks, I’m up to speed with my exercise regime, I’ve laughed in the face of the tough creative briefs that we’ve been given and I faced the scales at Slimming World last night which was a humbling experience after being at my target weight for nearly 3 years – the prosecco and chocolate diet over Christmas definitely didn’t pay off… Hope the big return to reality is going ok for you all, remember, we’re choosing to look at it differently(!)

Here’s the piece on ‘Project Happier‘ so you can join us if you didn’t catch it

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Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post and I have no relationship with Hush.