Playing chicken with the Hush sale

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As you probably know, there is 20% off at Hush until midnight (Thursday 30th June) with code SMILE, so my hunch was that the Hush sale would start on Friday, however I have now heard that it will be Tuesday 5th July. Looking through the site, many of the items are already sold out or in a low stock position. I've been through what I think are the best buys, assessed the stock levels and I'm having a little wager [...]

The merits of the Boden sale

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Last week I shared the restrictions I impose on myself before I click on a 'sale started' link. I still stand by the suggestion that you should limit your high summer pieces to about 10% of your total wardrobe. However there is one sale that I shop a little differently and that is the Boden sale. I've found that every time I've had a conversation about Boden this season people have been suggesting that it's a brand that has lost its way. In fact it's [...]

The high street sales & Father’s Day thoughts

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So the sales have started early. Because the weather has been bad there is a glut of clothing that retailers need to offload and temptation is everywhere. I've been through a number of stores and picked out what I think are the best bargains but before we start, let's make sure we set off on the right track. 12 things to remember when you hit the summer sales Don't forget that high summer clothing only needs to be a very small percentage of [...]

Skincare that works for women over 40

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I first got into an expensive skincare habit when I was editing Selfridges' magazine. Every day another bag of something fabulous would land on my desk in the hope that I would review it so I tried just about every luxury brand. Of course in those days I didn't really need it - my skin was youthful and I've never had any problems with my complexion other than slight dryness but I was happy to anoint myself with it anyway. Since then [...]

Summer in the city – what to wear

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I think summer in the city is one of the hardest things to get right sartorially. I'm casting my mind back to my commuting days, heading into the urban heat island of London and seeing the yellow haze of smog hanging over the city as the train approached Waterloo. A hot city is a harsh environment but wearing the right clothes, whether you're a tourist or a native, can make all the difference to how you cope with the day so, summer [...]

Women over 40 – what to pack for a hot beach holiday

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I don't know whether it's because of the sudden burst of hot weather in the UK or simply because it's holiday season but Summer clothes are now disappearing from the shops so I'm writing this 'what to pack for a hot beach holiday' with some urgency. In Friday's post we took a fantasy trip to the Brittany coastline for a breezy holiday with unpredictable weather. Today we're jetting off a little further so we need to pack for a hot beach holiday. [...]

Women over 40 – what to wear for a holiday by the sea

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It's time. By the end of June, the sales will be starting and all the good clothes will have gone. We need to think about holidays and what to pack so today we're focusing on what to wear for a holiday by the sea. I can't tell you where we're going this year. You see last year I booked a very luxurious villa in Turkey thinking that it might be the last holiday we would have as a family of [...]

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