What to do in London with teenagers

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I love half term. Somehow it's aways a more chilled out break than the major holidays - you expect less, good weather is a bonus and nothing is scripted. When the eldest was busy packing for uni back in September, I decided we needed to work on our new shape as a family of four rather than five so I booked a break for us all to look forward to. Of course the prices of all of the hotels are [...]

Chic workwear on a budget – can you do it?

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I'm late this week I know but I wanted to write this post carefully and yesterday I was being scalped by a new hairdresser who, when I commented that my hair was VERY short replied 'but it just feels so nice to cut!' Oh how I wish my regular hairdresser would come back from maternity leave. Anyway we're on a mission ladies. Some of you saw a comment from a new reader, Sushma, a few weeks ago and were kind [...]

Style for women over 40 – 7 outfits for 7 days

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As we're still waiting for most of the winter collections to hit the stores, there don't seem to be many new clothes around to get excited about. So, seeing as quite a few of you have been in touch recently to say how helpful you find it to see what I wear day in day out, I thought I'd try and achieve a photo every day this week. As I mentioned in my last post, the shorter days are making [...]

Outfits for days of autumn sunshine

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Hello friends. It's been a very busy week - I feel as though I haven't stopped talking - presentations, long shared car journeys, meetings and dinners. It will all start again on Monday (yes I'm working on Monday again - the 3 day week isn't happening)!  I need to retreat into some peace and quiet to recharge my batteries for a bit. So - not as many words as usual today - I know you'll understand. Instead I'm treating you [...]

Kin by John Lewis Autumn 15 – a review

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the supportive emails and comments after my last post about the end of days, every single one has lifted my spirits. Even Mr MC came out of hiding and posted his first comment - who knew he reads my blog - not me - until now! Because we moved to the North from London when my eldest was 7, my everyday friends here are the ones that I made via the younger [...]

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