As we wait for the sales to finish and the new season stock to arrive, I’m covering some new topics. Back in January, we were discussing midlife symptoms – both physical and emotional and since then, I’ve been keeping an eye open for solutions to some of the problems that were raised. The results of the survey that we did showed that 27% of Midlifechic readers are having problems with thinning midlife hair. It isn’t something that I have experienced personally but when I was working in my last job, one of my colleagues was living through it and, over the year that I was there, I saw her confidence evaporate.

By the end of it, I’d noticed she wasn’t joining people for nights out – or even going for a coffee any more. Just before I left, I found her in one of the stock rooms in tears. Over the weekend, the lights in the ladies loos had been replaced with much brighter LEDs and she’d realised that her hair was even thinner than she’d thought. She said she’d seen her GP and he’d told her that there was no solution but that it might get better when she made it through to the other side of the menopause – which would probably “only take another 5 years or so.” I just didn’t know how to console her.

So, when I was contacted by Oxford Biolabs who specialise primarily in a nutraceutical approach to hair loss, I thought it was worth finding out more. Now I know this post won’t be relevant for everyone however I will just say that the topical hair treatment that they sent me is amazing so it might be worth you reading on regardless.

Who are Oxford Biolabs?

Oxford Biolabs were established by a team of scientists who met at Oxford University and they focus on researching and developing natural products to defy the outward signs of ageing such as hair loss, premature greying and skin ageing. They create natural rather than drug based solutions and they describe their work as “science that delivers noticeable, honest results.” To date, their primary focus has been on hair loss and it has culminated in a range of  TRX2 hair loss products which they sent me to test.

What causes thinning midlife hair?

So let’s start at the beginning because clearly both men and women can struggle with thinning midlife hair. Oxford Biolabs say that it is caused by the following factors, with hormones being the main trigger for hair loss in women.

  • A genetic predisposition
  • Hormones
  • Reduction of blood circulation around the hair follicles
  • Deactivation of the hair matrix cells

The science behind TRX2

After years of research, they discovered that a key factor is that the function of the potassium channels in the hair follicles worsens. As a result, the follicles shrink and hair falls out.

thinning midlife hair

So, they then dedicated their time to finding a solution. The end result was TRX2 which restores the potassium ion channels that have broken down. The trials showed that if people use it on a continual basis, it helps to maintain normal hair at a molecular level.

In layman’s language, as I understand it, TRX2 opens up the pathways so that the potassium can hit the hair shaft and get the hair growing again. I confess that my first thought was that surely you could just eat lots of bananas because they contain potassium. However looking at the research, it seems that the important thing is the specific structure of the molecules that enables TRX2 to deliver the potassium in the right way.

The full solution

Nutraceutical capsules

thinning midlife hair

TRX2 capsules

So, within the TRX2 product range you have a two pronged approach. It starts with a long term solution in the form of TRX2 molecular food supplements that work nutritionally, delivering the potassium to the follicle as we have just discussed. You simply take three capsules daily with food, either all at once or spread across the day .

thinning midlife hair

Of course it will take time for the nutrients to restore the potassium ion channels and, even when they have done that, there is the wait for the hair to grow back. So, for more immediate help, they have also developed a styling cream – TRX2 Advanced Care – that boosts the appearance of hair straightaway.

Cosmeceutical products

Now this is very different to anything you will find in a standard haircare aisle – it contains a new protein called Pisum Sativum Peptide. This apparently works at a molecular level to boost volume and lock in moisture. I admit that initially I wasn’t keen to try it. I don’t have thinning hair just lots of very fine hair and so I thought I would end up looking like a member of the Hair Bear Bunch – remember them? However, since the first time I used it, I have been hooked.

thinning midlife hair

TRX2 Thickening and Styling Cream

Now that my hair has (according to my hairdresser) reached the 40% grey mark, it is much coarser than it used to be and so it’s really hard to get it to sit smoothly. When I used the TRX2 Advanced Care, my hair certainly had more volume but surprisingly, it was also easier to style than it has been for ages.


The research shows that the styling cream makes hair look 14% thicker immediately. If it is used on an ongoing basis, it becomes more hydrated and I noticed the difference to both thickness and glossiness straightaway. I’m going to keep on using it. The packaging isn’t going to look nice on your dressing table but I guess it needs to appeal to both men and women. However I can imagine that if they put it in a pink pot and sold it through some of the top London hairdressers, it would very quickly become a cult product.

Other topical treatments

The TRX2 range also includes an option of hair revitalising drops or revitalising foam that can be applied topically to the scalp to nourish the hair follicles.

Does TRX2 work?

Oxford Biolabs tested the supplements on people suffering with hair loss over a period of 18 months and 87% of participants saw a significant improvement. These before and after pictures show you a 45 year old woman who was experiencing menopausal hair loss. Her hair had thinned along the parting in the same way that my colleague’s had.thinning midlife hair

There are a number of videos and written testimonials that you can look through here. Having looked into it quite carefully, I think the most reassuring thing is the fact that it is a natural product that is nourishing you from within. I also like the depth of information that they supply on the website so that you can understand the science behind the system. There is no ‘witchcraft’ and they are careful not to over promise, making it clear that it will take eight to ten months before you see a significant difference and that results for people with more advanced stages of hair loss will be less pronounced.

Hair loss seems to be one of the midlife taboo subjects that is gradually being talked about more. Kristin Davis (aka Charlotte from Sex and the City) has been very open about it in the press recently. It is one of those topics that is distressing, primarily because it is very personal and yet you just can’t hide it. So, I hope this has been helpful for you or for someone you know. As with all of the changes that seem to appear from nowhere as we hit midlife, it’s easier for everyone if we can discuss them openly and try to help each other. Have a great week everyone.

Disclosure: ‘A solution for thinning midlife hair’ was written on behalf of Oxford Biolabs although I tested both the food supplements and the topical styling cream before writing it. Please support the brands that help me to continue producing Midlifechic, in this case, a company that is dedicating its scientific research to finding solutions for midlifers.

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