And I’m back. I just needed a bit of time out after the funeral I went to last week. If you aren’t a regular reader, a very close friend of mine died suddenly a few weeks ago and I spent a few days either side of the funeral last weekend with his family. It’s been tough; somehow even when you come back to your own life, grief clings to you like smoke and you just can’t shake it off. I think most of us go through life collecting different groups of friends at different times. Even though we don’t get together often, the group I was part of in my twenties are still very close. We were all part of the same graduate recruitment scheme and were young and free together until we started to grow up and found ourselves at each other’s weddings, then christening our children together until gradually our lives took different paths as our families grew. This was the first time we’d been back together for a funeral and it was a shock for us all.  As was making plans for the 50th birthday parties that are starting to loom along with the ‘second youth’ that we’re all aiming for – at least that’s what we’re calling our various midlife crises! The whole thing reminded me very much of the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral.

So, I haven’t been taking photos but I started again today because I wanted to show you something lovely that was sent to me by the very kind people at DiamondStyle – they’ve been reading my blog and thought they’d try to cheer me up with this very pretty necklace and earrings.


(wearing Whistles blazer; Joules breton; Next relaxed skinny jeans (custom dyed); Jigsaw Milly shoes)

I know a few of you have seen that I nearly always wear the same pair of black pearl earrings that my middle son bought for me a few years ago because I love them and they go with everything. Well now I have a second pair of earrings that will go with everything and are probably a bit better for Summer. You’ll have noticed that there is a sudden move away from heavy statement necklaces. I’m not saying they’re over but jewellery is definitely becoming more delicate, necklaces are longer and often layered so if you use them to add a twist to your outfits you need a quirky detail like this.

An unmissable jewellery offer for Midlifechic readers

Both the gift box pendant and the princess earrings are made from Swarovski crystal and I wore them to meet my sister today for coffee in the sunshine – she kept commenting on how the necklace was sending a shower of sparkles over everything as the light caught it.

An unmissable jewellery offer for Midlifechic readers


An unmissable jewellery offer for Midlifechic readers

Now the great thing is that all of DiamondStyle’s jewellery is made in the UK and…they are offering the readers of Midlifechic a very, very generous 75% discount on their jewellery this weekend, simply follow this link and add the code GIFT75 at checkout. The offer is valid until midnight on Tuesday 5th May so I hope you’ll indulge yourself with a little Bank Holiday treat.

I thought I’d also share a precious moment from this week with you. The sun has made an appearance in the North and as I glanced over at my middle boy at breakfast one morning, I was startled to see that a fluffy haze had suddenly appeared on his chin. So here is Mr MC that evening giving him his first shaving lesson – one of those ‘little big things.’


So, a big thank this week to DiamondStyle – my blogging groove was flagging but thanks to their kind thought I’m now back into it and photos begin again tomorrow. My friend would have hated me to stop, I’m sure he’s sitting on his cloud having a good old chuckle at everything we’re up to. I’m now opening a bottle prosecco in honour of him and the many Bank Holidays we enjoyed together in the sunshine. Have a good weekend everyone, normal service will resume next week.