Midlifechic…off to the land of Eastern Promise

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Oh it feels as though it's been a long week. Here's a quick update on what I've been doing. As you know, last weekend we went down to London to undertake the task of sorting through the belongings of my friend who died a couple of months ago. It was a very strange thing to do. If you've ever had to do this sort of thing, you'll know that you go into a very operational mode. I think it's a [...]

Summer work outfits for women over 40

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A superfast post from me tonight before I head off down to London. A reader, Sally, emailed me this week and said that she was missing my weekly work outfit round-ups because she finds them helpful, even if I do repeat things. So that made things easy, here goes: this is what a Head of Marketing & Creative wears for work.... Monday - late home after supper with our German agent Whistles double faced blazer; Boden blouse; Boden bistro crops; Zara shoes Tuesday [...]

Midlifechic learns all about developing fragrance

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Hello, I'm late posting this week, I know...and I haven't been very good at taking outfit shots but I thought I'd tell you all about the fragrance training I've been doing which, given the weather and the lack of opportunity to wear anything very Summery, is far more interesting. So, as you'll remember, I had my 'nose' tested a few weeks ago and it transpired that I have a relatively good sense of smell. This means that I've been given the [...]

What midlifechic did this week…

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It's been another mad week, I've been busy trying to get the first new ranges that I've worked on signed off so the hours have been long. Most days, in addition to my usual 11 hour day, I've been starting again after the boys have gone to bed. But there is an upside, it's meant that the good times have been precious - it's the old bittersweet thing again. So, I'm not going to bore you with my work outfits which [...]

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