Wardrobe essentials, coats and jackets

Courtesy of Pinterest

In the same way that many women are addicted to shoes, I’m addicted to coats. I don’t know whether it’s because it’s always so cold where we live or because I just want to cover up! The thing about a coat is that in the UK and especially in the North, you need one (or at least a jacket) for about 75% of the year. The other benefit is it doesn’t really matter what you’re wearing underneath – different coat, different look.

The problem of course is storing them, they take up a lot of space. I have now filled a whole rail (that’s one rail out of the 3 available for my and Mr MC’s clothes) with coats so it’s time for an amnesty. I don’t know about you but I find it really hard to start with the things I already have and discard a few – I always remember the reasons I bought them and they end up going back in the dressing room. So I’m going to look at the situation logically and define what I think you need to cover every likely occasion:

  • 1 classic blue blazer, ideally stretch, preferably ponte – great cut
  • 1 short black jacket for smartening up black jeans
  • 1 charcoal blazer for jeans or on smart casual days
  • 1 trench coat – ideally properly waterproof rather than just a fashion item
  • 2 (or maybe 3) statement coats – fab colours – great over neutrals
  • 1 beautiful camel coat – the million dollar look
  • 1 walking the dog / playing in the park sort of coat – lots of people like Parkas for this but I can never disassociate them from the smelly ones with matted fur that boys wore in the playground when I was little
  • 1 quilted gilet – for dog – walking / parks in warmer weather
  • 1 long beautiful black coat to cover really snazzy evening wear – great for taking off at the door to make an entrance

So really, in the cold light of day that’s all sour wardrobe essentials, coats and jackets, covered. This means I need to sell my Montgomery red duffle with the rope toggles that I love but if I’m honest haven’t worn for about 6 years, my M&S tennis ball coloured peacoat – too big and doesn’t work with winter skin, my long black Jigsaw coat (I have 2), my green velvet Boden coat, I also need to send a red Boden raincoat and a brown Zara Princess coat to charity.

Then I can justify buying:

  • A new blue blazer – I have a Boden one but it’s looking 2 sizes too big
  • A new trench coat – I have a black Barbour one that I love but if I’m honest the black just makes me feel a bit drab on a rainy day and also it’s too big now. The trouble is it was really expensive and I’ve only worn it a couple of times. I need to think about that one.
  • A new walking the dog coat – I have a pretty good one from Seasalt but it’s white which isn’t so useful on muddy winter days.

I’ll let you know how I get on. Tell me if there’s anything you find essential that should be on this list that I’ve overlooked.

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