These are the core blogs I follow, in fact I think I’m a little bit obsessed with them – I now check them first thing in the morning and last thing at night which isn’t going down too well with Mr MC.

Doesmybumlook40inthis the ever amusing Kat who is bound to both inspire you and make you laugh out loud. Edgy, confident fashion ideas mostly from high street stores.

SchoolGateStyle – wearable chic styling from high street stores – Avril also sells a brilliant range of scarves and jewellery at accessible prices (have bought them myself and can recommend them – great quality)

Avenue 57 – Fiona is 5’9″ and a size 10 and looks good in everything! I like the fact that she shops a lot online so it is good to see her honest reviews of her deliveries. She also has an online shop with a variety of clothing and accessories. It makes sense to buy from these bloggers – they can sell things so much more cost-effectively than retailers with big overheads can.

StyleGuile – Beth is a styling supremo – she does it for a living. Sadly she’s all the way down in Birmingham so she can’t help me but she passes her tips on via her blog and always looks immaculately gamine

What Liz Loves – Liz often focuses on specific brands or retailers with an interest in niche British brands. Despite being born in Lancashire, she lives in Yorkshire – brave lady!

Wearing It Today – Laura Fantacci ex Red Magazine – I really love her style and wish I had her budget and panache. She’s also a brilliant packer and I spend ages scrutinising the suitcase content collages that she posts so that I can (try to) be as chic on the beach.

Other blogs I read: