Good Reads

Looking for more? I am a member of TheOver40Collective. These ladies have become truly good friends. We chat away on WhatsApp as we’re working and keep each other going when we need a boost. They make me smile every single day so I’ll list them first!

WhatLizzyLoves – Liz has a very different style to me and loves the romantic, feminine look. Every bit as sweet as she seems, she also has a surprisingly mischievous sense of humour! Despite being born in Lancashire, she lives in Yorkshire which is a glitch that as a native Lancastrian I have to forgive her for. Liz also sells lovely jewellery at her shop LizzyO


NotDressedAsLamb – Catherine is a riot of colour and fierce promoter of the #iwillwearwhatilike hashtag. She believes in dressing for attitude not for age and you can feel her passion and energy as you read her words. With a degree in photography her site is a visual feast and her weekly linkup is a good place to see lots of other over 40 bloggers parading their style.


LadyofStyle – Annette lives in Bavaria and I’ve followed her since my early days of blogging. It’s been interesting watching her style evolve and although she is always elegant, she has become more adventurous. She juggles her blog with her busy career so she features a useful balance of work and casual wear. Follow her to see how to pull off leather trousers without looking like mutton.


TheBarefacedChic – Michelle covers musings about life as well as fashion in her blog so each post is a surprise. She is highly skilled at shopping her wardrobe and pulling different looks together from clothes she already has. If you read my blog because you like the inside stories, you’ll enjoy reading Michelle’s too.


Michelle Tyler Blog – Michelle, Australian this time with a bone dry Aussie sense of humour. Another example of a woman who post family, has made the tough decision to leave an exciting career behind her. Having worked as a make-up artist in film and television she has lots of interesting stories to tell about make-up of course but also travel and style.


TheSequinist – Lisa has worked on Wall Street and for 20 years scaled the dizzy heights of Finance.  She now lives in London and has a keen appreciation for the architecture of high quality clothing. Like me, she doesn’t do girly, in fact her style and her photography take my breath away. She reminds me of the London life I used to live.


Other blogs I love to read

ALifeToStyle – written by Avril Keys, one of my all time favourite bloggers. She is a friend in real life and has been a great support to me since I first started blogging.

NoFearOfFashion – another blogger who has become a friend, Greetje, is warm, funny and slightly eccentric – you never know what she’s going to come up with next

StyleGuile – in a lot of ways Beth’s style is similar to mine sartorially although she is far more gamine than I am. She also writes about running.

IWon’tWearSludgeBrown – another northern blogger with a down to earth approach, Donna is a trained colour and style consultant and will often help you to see your body, complexion and personal style more objectively

LondonBeautyQueen – my favourite beauty blogger, Hayley takes a no-nonsense approach and will always give you her honest opinion as to whether a product is worth purchasing or not.

Books on style

Books on menopause and midlife